Nodar Rode understands what it's like to be a touring musician on a bus, in a van or cab, on a plane, and on a dolly. He's played the drumset at the upstate bar that made him love american maple and he's played the kit with edges gnawed uneven by termites. He makes drums that sound like a Max Roach fill or a John Bonham solo, and now he makes them nestable.

Quick Release Tension Rod Casings
You can unbuckle the head of the drum! You tune them like regular drums with a drum key, but the quick release mechanism allows you with one motion to release the tension rods completely. If you unsnap each mechanism around the top drum head, you can remove altogether the drum head, hoop and tension rods off the drum with one hand. Now you can store your smaller tom tom inside then reverse the operation and snap on the quick release mechanisms. With a standard set you can store the tom tom inside the floor tom and both inside te bass drum. All three drums can be moved around in one bass drum case. Nodar Rode Nestable Drums™ are radical and patented, and they look really cool, like if a sculptor had designed them. The genius is in the portability, but the sound is truly astonishing; when you buckle the head back on, the drum retains the same tension and tone at your next gig that night.

Other drum makers are acheiving nestability by cutting the sound chamber (shell) in half and turning the entire drum into a suitcase with latches. We are keeping the integrity of the sound chamber totally uncompromised. The shell has not been cut open so they project just like tradtional drums. Nodar Rode Nestable Drums™ offer a unique flexibility in tuning. If you tune your drums high and you release one tension rod on the floor tom or the bass drum, the pitch drops down for a dead fat funk tone and then you can flip the tension rod back on for a be-bop tuning worthy of sampling. Now you have revolutionary portability, flexibilty, and studio-worthy sound.

There must be a 3" difference in order to fit one drum inside another. Depths may vary. We offer nestable drums sets in the following configurations:

  • 10" tom tom, 13" floor, 16" bass
  • 10" tom tom, 14" floor, 18" bass
  • 10" tom tom, 13" tom tom, 16" floor, 20" bass
  • 12" tom tom, 15" floor, 18" bass
  • 12" tom tom, 15" floor, 20" bass
  • 13" tom tom, 16" floor, 20"-22" bass

  • Portability
    Drums will fit in a standard soft or hard bass drum case. With a deeper bass drum case you can fit your snare in a soft case. This means you'll have a full drumset in one case for easy storage on a plane, train, taxi, bus, or subway. With your cymbal bag on your back and your bass drum case and hardware case strapped to a small hand truck, you can roll down the street, in and out of subway stations. Maybe now you'll have room for the computer or a double-necked eukuleleh or three turnatables and a sampler.

    Nodar Rode drums are maple drums that can be made with or without reinforcement hoops (glue rings). One can choose from a wide variety of outside finishes.

  • Variety of mounting systems, spurs etc.
  • Drum hoops available in triple flanged, steel, brass or die cast.
  • Bass drum hoops can be wooden or metal, with inlay or not.

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